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Android Put on Requirements To Be More Thoughtful Regarding Irritating You

Upon picking up the Samsung Gear Live from Google’s I/O developer event recently, I immediately thought that I’d be making a permanent switch from the Basis, my current watch. It’s thinner, has a step counter, and a sensor for getting your resting heart rate — not quite as advanced as what the Basis is packing, but I’m not a fitness... Read More »

The Principles Of A/B Testing

We don’t use the “real” Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Google, Yahoo, or LinkedIn. We are almost all part of experiments they quietly run to see if different versions with little changes make us use more, visit more, click more, or buy more. By signing up for these services, we technically give consent to be treated like guinea... Read More »

The Day I Measured My Heart Rate Through My Butt

Of all the weird science fiction projects that the future would bring us, the last I expected to see was a seat cushion that would be able to measure your heart beat through your derriere. And yet, the future is here (or nearly here), thanks to a new “smart seat cushion” called... Read More »

Apple’s Smartwatch Said To Debut In October With A 2.5-Inch Screen And Wireless Charging

Apple will reportedly launch its smartwatch as early as October, after kicking off production in July, according to a new report from Reuters. The smartwatch will have a 2.5-inch screen, according to the news organization’s sources, which will arch up from the band and be “slightly rectangular,” and it’ll feature touchscreen controls and wireless... Read More »