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iOS 8 beta 4 has unique roaming setting for Europe

Among the new features added to iOS 8 beta 4, Apple’s latest iOS 8 pre-release version that was released to developers on Monday, there’s nifty a new setting ready to handle roaming in the European Union, Cult of Mac... Read More »

Apple refutes intentionally jeopardizing iOS protection, explains ‘backdoor’ features

Following an extensive security report from an iOS forensic and security expert that questioned some of Apple’s iOS tools when it comes to the user’s security and privacy (see his questions in the image above), Apple has taken another step to address “backdoor” concerns on top of stating that it’s not working with anyone to include backdoors in any of its... Read More »

Apple’s Mixed Q3 2014 With $37.4 B Earnings, $7.7 B Revenue And $1.28 EPS

Apple has just released its fiscal Q3 2014 earnings, reporting $37.4 billion in revenue, $7.7 billion in net profit representing $1.28 per share. Compared to the year-ago quarter, it corresponds to a growth of 5.9 percent in revenue, and 19.6 percent in EPS (adjusted for the 7-for-1... Read More »

Newest iOS 8 Beta Update Consists of Tactics, An Application That Shows Features You Might Miss.

Announced last month at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, iOS 8 slightly refines the look debuted last year while adding a bunch of new features like the ability to interact with notifications, smoothly transition between working on your phone and laptop, and new ways to message... Read More »

Premium Not Freemium: iPad Game Monument Valley Passes 1M Downloads

Going against the freemium gaming grain, Monument Valley, the sumptuously designed, premium priced iPad game which launched back in April and snagged its makers an Apple Design Award at this year’s WWDC, has now passed one million downloads, TechCrunch can... Read More »

Supposed apple iphone 6 Display Cover Deals with The Sandpaper Examination

The leaked component that’s being touted as the front screen of the upcoming iPhone 6 got a good workout in a video test by Youtube regular MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) when it first broke cover, and now Brownlee is back with a new video that takes the durability tests even further. This second round involves exposing the supposedly super-strong sapphire-based material to a true test of strength – scratching by sandpaper, a material with a much higher Mohs scale hardness rating than any steel knife or set of... Read More »

Apple Opens With A New Blog Concerning Swift, Its New Programs Language

Times, they are a-changin’: Apple just launched a blog about Swift, its new programming language that makes it easier to build applications for iOS and Mac OS... Read More »

Apple’s Living Library

Oh the double dip.If you’re a movie fan, especially one who was around for the beginning of the DVD revolution 18 years ago, those words will strike a chord. It’s the practice of a studio putting out a crappy bare-bones edition of a DVD to home video and following it up weeks or months later with a full-on loaded edition featuring extras like director’s commentary, alternate endings and other... Read More »

iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display

Preview on new Sapphire Crystal Glass in iPhone 6 taken straight from production... Read More »

Mac OS X Obtains The Dark Motif We’ve All Been Waiting For In Yosemite Sneak peek 3

Apple’s desktop operating system got a little more fashionable with the new Preview 3 update of OS X 10.10 Yosemite seeded to developers today. The update, which can be installed by registered developers who have the existing preview version on their machines through the Mac App Store, lets users enable Dark Mode, a highly coveted feature that impressed when it was unveiled at WWDC in June, but that Apple hadn’t actually turned on until... Read More »