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Apple Releases The Best 10 Reasons They Reject Applications

Whether you’ve ever built an iOS app or not, you’ve probably heard tales of how frustrating it can be to get Apple’s stamp of... Read More »

Enjoyable iOS 7 messaging application ditches emoji, replaces them with your face

We love covering apps with great designs here on BGR, and we also enjoy covering fun apps with unique and creative features. Every so often, we find an app that covers all the bases. React Messenger was first released late last year but it has undergone a few big changes since then. The result is a beautiful app that differentiates itself in the crowded mobile messaging space by putting a creative twist on the gentle art of textless communication currently dominated by... Read More »

Unbelievably amazing iPhone 6 feature apparently verified by new leakage

Last week we started seeing evidence that Apple’s iPhone 6 Lightning cables would feature reversible USB, marking the first time that an Apple smartphone would come with this particular feature. Now uSwitch, in conjunction with iPhone leaker Sonny Dickson, has published some pictures of the iPhone 6 USB cable’s retail box that it says clearly shows the new cable will feature reversible... Read More »

The apple iphone 6’s remarkably durable displays await automation

One of the main features of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 is its display, not only because it’s supposed be the biggest display Apple has ever used, but also because it’s expected to offer increased durability compared to previous models, thanks to the use of sapphire glass protectors for the screen. Even though there are many contradictory reports on whether Apple will actually be able to successfully build enough sapphire glass for this year’s iPhone 6, at least some new iPhone models will have such a screen and The Guardian has learned that iPhone 6’s sapphire screen production will start this... Read More »

Apple looks poised to run over Samsung and HTC this fall

The new comScore report on U.S. smartphone subscriber market share has one major surprise: Apple managed to increase its American market share to 42.1% in June from 41.4% in March. This is fairly astonishing considering it has been nearly a year since Apple rolled out new models but particularly since Samsung launched its brand-new Galaxy S5 in April and HTC rolled out its much ballyhooed One (M8) in March. So two leading Android vendors debuted their well-received flagship models during the spring… and Apple’s American market share still inched up another... Read More »

Apple: iPhone 5s, 5c to debut in additional compared to 25 brand-new countries on Oct. 25

Apple on Wednesday announced that its new iPhone 5c and flagship iPhone 5s smartphones will launch in more than 25 new countries on October 25th. New markets include Italy, Russia and Spain, and then the phones will debut in an additional 12 countries on November 1st, including Mexico and India. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c first debuted in the U.S. and other initial markets on September 20th, amassing a record-smashing 9 million units sold through the handsets’ first weekend of availability alone. Apple’s full press release follows... Read More »

Apple vs. Samsung: The gory information

Analysts who predicted that Samsung (005930) would get slaughtered by Apple (AAPL) in the biggest patent trial of the century so far, pat yourselves on the back. The jury’s verdict against Samsung on Friday was absolutely devastating in all respects as the jury found that Samsung violated multiple Apple patents with many of its big-name products. Click below for the full... Read More »

Apple and Samsung Accept End All Non-U.S. License Disputes

Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop all non-U.S. litigation. The announcement came late Tuesday in a release first reported by the Financial Times. In the joint statement, the two tech giants said they “…have agreed to drop all litigation between the two companies outside the United... Read More »

New apple iphone 6 part leakage discloses significant brand-new attributes

A new iPhone 6 internal component has been leaked, with Nowhereelse posting images that show the purported main iPhone 6 printed circuit board (PCB) as received from a reliable Chinese source. The leaked logic board does not have any of the chips you’d expect to see on it, and appears to fit the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model. The component is similar to the iPhone 5s’ logic board, although it has a longer top section, with MacRumors noticing that screw holes in this elongated area fit screw holes from a leaked iPhone 6 back... Read More »

apple iphone 6 makes Apple the greatest client of the world’s top chip vendor

We’ve seen a good number of conflicting reports regarding the iPhone 6, but most publications agree that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is going to be a major supplier for the new smartphone’s processor when it launches later this year. Digitimes reported on Wednesday that Apple was primed to become TSMC’s biggest client as the foundry ramps up production of the A8 processors for the iPhone... Read More »