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Google, Motorola apparently currently at job on brand-new Nexus phone

Google and Motorola aren’t sitting still with the Moto X. Android blogger Taylor Wimberly, who established a good track record with Moto X scoops, writes that Google and Motorola are already hard at work on a new Nexus smartphone that will release in time for the holidays this year. This will mark the first time that Motorola has built a Nexus-branded device, as in the past Google has tapped manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung and LG for its Nexus smartphones. One thing to watch for is whether the new Nexus device will have the same customizable features that the two companies first showed off with the Moto X earlier this... Read More »

Baidu Shoots Up Google Play Download Rankings With Apps That Boost Android Performance

Chinese search engine giant Baidu had a good month on the Google Play Store in June, shooting up seven ranks to crack the top 10 publishers by downloads, according to App Annie’s latest global app... Read More »

Chrome Android Beta Obtains Single Sign-In For Google Sites And New Material Style Looks

Google has a hit on its hands with Material Design in my opinion, which is why it’s great to see it already making its way into some products ahead of Android L’s general consumer launch. Today, Google updated the Chrome Beta for Android with some new features, including single sign-in for Gmail, Maps and Search so long as you’re signed into Chrome, but also introducing some Material Design looks to the mobile... Read More »

This huge Android safety imperfection can cost you a lot of money

Android’s open nature offers some substantial benefits to consumers versus rival mobile platforms such as Apple’s iOS operating system. There are also some negative affects, however, and one of them is the fact that Google’s Android devices are far more susceptible to malware attacks. We have seen plenty of reports on various Android security holes and malware in the past, and now a newly discovered flaw could end up costing Android device owners a... Read More »

Android Put on Requirements To Be More Thoughtful Regarding Irritating You

Upon picking up the Samsung Gear Live from Google’s I/O developer event recently, I immediately thought that I’d be making a permanent switch from the Basis, my current watch. It’s thinner, has a step counter, and a sensor for getting your resting heart rate — not quite as advanced as what the Basis is packing, but I’m not a fitness... Read More »

Android’s share of worldwide mobile use could soon top iOS for the initial time ever

In terms of monthly shipments, Android devices surpassed Apple’s iOS  lineup long ago. Apple executives and Apple bloggers repeatedly point to a different stat, however, that paints an interesting picture: Despite Android’s huge lead in terms of shipments, iOS remains the global leader in usage as measured by companies that monitor web... Read More »

An obvious scam Android app has been installed over 1 million times in under a month

People, you really ought to read an app’s permissions before you download it. Reddit’s Android community has flagged an obvious scam app called Subway Train Game in the Google Play store that has been installed more than 1 million times in less than a... Read More »

Why Heartbleed could be much worse for Android individuals

Even though Google does not have a Heartbleed problem, particularly since the company has known about the OpenSSL bug a month before everyone else, a large number of Android users may still be at risk, The Guardian reports. And that’s not because Google has not patched the security flaw, but rather because Heartbleed indirectly benefits from several... Read More »

Major protection imperfection uncovered in Android

Security firm FireEye has discovered a major security flaw in Google’s mobile operating system, ComputerWorld reports, which could allow an attacker to modify the behavior of an app icon in the launcher in order to send users to a malicious site that would collect personal data. It’s not clear whether any apps in the Google Play Store, or anywhere else, have already used this particular security issue to steal data from users. Google has apparently acknowledged the problem and already released a patch to OEM partners, though it will be a while until the fix hits affected Android... Read More »